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A small oral mass of lymphoid tissue, especially either of two such masses embedded in the lateral walls of the opening between the mouth and the pharynx, of uncertain function, but believed to help protect the body from respiratory infections.

[From Latin tōnsillae, tonsils, diminutive of tōlēs, swollen tonsils.]

ton′sil·lar adj.


, tonsillary
a. tonsilar, rel. a una tonsila;
___ cryptcripta ___ o amigdalina;
___ fossafosa amigdalina.
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Lipohypertrophy and tonsillar hypertrophy were other common adverse events, reported by more than 5% of participants.
Four had severe pharyngitis; 3 of them had dysphagia, tender submandibular lymphadenitis, and tonsillar enlargement.
Incidental oral mucosal findings include dental caries, stained teeth, nicotine staining of mucosa, tonsillar inflammation, leukoplakia and cheilitis.
The most common sites of fish bone impaction are the tonsils, tonsillar pillars, tongue base, valleculae, and piriform fossa.
It merely shares our experience in using this treatment in a selected group of children who had massive, tonsillar enlargement and at least one of the following: anterior cervical adenitis, temperature higher than 38.
A cerebellar tonsillar herniation and soft, easily breakable frontal lobes were found.
All the 5 cases of Chiari 1 malformation had tonsillar ectopia of > 5mm.
His op for tonsillar carcinoma was carried out a week later - and the cancer had spread to his lymph nodes.
The contract for the special outpatient surgical treatment of enlarged palatine tonsils - tonsillar hyperplasia - in berlin according to 140a sgb v of children insured with the tk should serve for an optimized treatment in particular the following aims: - avoidance of hospital stays, - increase patient satisfaction.