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A small oral mass of lymphoid tissue, especially either of two such masses embedded in the lateral walls of the opening between the mouth and the pharynx, of uncertain function, but believed to help protect the body from respiratory infections.

[From Latin tōnsillae, tonsils, diminutive of tōlēs, swollen tonsils.]

ton′sil·lar adj.
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, tonsillary
a. tonsilar, rel. a una tonsila;
___ cryptcripta ___ o amigdalina;
___ fossafosa amigdalina.
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[ClickPress, Fri Apr 19 2019] Clinical manifestations of pharyngitis at times encompass tonsillar exudates, fever, painful cervical adenopathy, ear pain and pharyngeal erythema.
Herein, we present two separate cases of parotid gland and tonsillar metastases of breast carcinoma mimicking second primary tumors and a literature review.
The examination revealed increased malignant metabolic activity in the mass lesion in the right tonsillar region, the right superior jugular and the right subclavicular nodes (Figure 4).
The complaint noted that the three died of lymphoma, cardiogenic shock (with congenital heart disease as an antecedent cause) and tonsillar herniation with lupus as underlying cause.
However, the tonsillar area is especially prone to bleeding because of its rich vascular supply.
We used tonsillar biopsies to detect CWD (Wolfe et al, 2002) during annual December and April captures, 2003-2008 (Bender et al., 2012).
Bacterial biofilm may play a role in various recurrent/chronic upper respiratory tract infections, including chronic tonsillar disease.
These bacterial enzymes possess a high degree of adhesion to the mucous coat of the upper air passages, and have been demonstrated to statistically and reliably increase of the number of tonsillar cells producing IgA by 30%, increase the activity of the natural cytotoxic tonsillar cells by 3.4 times, and increase the number of tonsillar cells with surface antigens CD25 and CD56.
Standard radiation protection advice and lactation instructions were given before radiotracer injection.1 Scan acquired 60 minutes after intravenous injection of 350MBqs F18-FDG, showed hypermetabolic right tonsillar and right level-II lymph nodule uptake.
[1] The surface epithelium of tonsil is invaginated to form tonsillar crypts.
Who would have guessed these sounds would have such presence so much time later?" Last year, Rab released The Treatment Tapes EP about his recovery from tonsillar cancer.