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A small oral mass of lymphoid tissue, especially either of two such masses embedded in the lateral walls of the opening between the mouth and the pharynx, of uncertain function, but believed to help protect the body from respiratory infections.

[From Latin tōnsillae, tonsils, diminutive of tōlēs, swollen tonsils.]

ton′sil·lar adj.


, tonsillary
a. tonsilar, rel. a una tonsila;
___ cryptcripta ___ o amigdalina;
___ fossafosa amigdalina.
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The nerve supply to the tonsillar region is via the branches of the glossopharyngeal nerve and branches of the lesser palatine nerves.
The patient is a 65 years old Caucasian man, brought to our attention in March 2009 for an expansive neoformation of 20x15 cm in the right tonsillar region, detected with MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).
2) Radiologically demonstrable, complete branchial fistulas up to the tonsillar region are rare.