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 (to͝ok′ən) Chiefly Southern US
A past participle of took.
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"That was me!" he added, looking out at us, through the half-opened door, as we stood waiting in the road.' "And that's what I'd have done--as sure as potatoes aren't radishes--if she hadn't have tooken herself off!
There's manny's the head that goes to Malaita, manny's the time untooken; but, like the old pitcher, it's tooken in the end."
I had the great good fortune of reading the original script for the pilot of the series, back when it was still called Tooken (otherwise known as the past tense of "take").
In line with the Ministry of Justice, the Booster LLC was founded by Alexander Kim and Tooken Korea Co., Ltd.
The twin comedy suns that light NBC's corner of the universe are represented in Tina Fey's Tooken and Amy Poehler's Old Soul; along with a Craig Robinson vehicle and Rob Lowe's turn as a tennis hustler.
The Slate stressed in a statement pronounced by MP ,Haydar Al-Mulla '' it turned out that the arrests which tooken place were under the control of the big hegemonic parties .
Ein cutisch Fraulein ben tooken ein pail upfillen mit milch to der marketplatz.