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Noun1.tool cabinet - a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand toolstool cabinet - a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand tools
chest - box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy
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Whether it's a gigantic rolling tool cabinet or a pair of cutters, there's a reason why professional technicians invest big for Snap-On tools.
The deal is for the delivery ofA CNC universal milling machine, laboratory work desk,A tool cabinet,A portable gauges,A video measuring microscope,A moisture analyser and hand tools, according to the contract award notice with document numberA 420456-2014 published in the EU's Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) today.
A towel with black powder residue was tucked inside a tool cabinet.
If time is wasted looking for tools and lifting equipment, iLockerz says it has the solution in the form of simple electronic cabinets that obtain a record of exactly who has removed a piece of equipment from a tool cabinet and when - as well as an HD photo to stop potential misconduct.
The more versatile Bulthaup b2 system gives kitchen functionality a different spin with its core elements of the tool cabinet and appliance cabinet that can be added and combined.
To get all the building details, search for "tool cabinet."
Mr Fountain, of Kenilworth Drive, Nuneaton, added: "In the past I have used the collected wood to make such things as shelving and an outside tool cabinet.
During a research cruise to the Antarctic, stormy seas threw Nevitt against a tool cabinet. Confined to her bunk to recuperate from her injury, she realized she could easily smell the dimethyl sulfide (DMS) that an atmospheric chemist on board was using for experiments.
The tool preset area should contain certain components in an organized tool cabinet that may be needed for repair, insert replacement, or assembly of tools.
Caption: Locking tool cabinet. Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech.