tool case

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Noun1.tool case - a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand toolstool case - a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand tools
chest - box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy
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Sharon Ward, the director of public and media relations at Pelican Products, said one photograph showed what was "certainly" a tool case manufactured by her firm.
Removal of the tray revealed another almost identical container, housing a jack, wheel nuts, tool case and - a split four-pint plastic milk carton, the contents of which were at an advanced stage of separation.
She said that at one point he took out a small tool case packed with screwdrivers and started fiddling with them.
Footrests for pillion can be folded back neatly, the tool case is stuck under the seat when you open the dickey, and the two small storage spaces near the key are intelligently thought of concepts.
Forty-eight hours before an international design review, designers sent in a CAD file of the stackable tool case to the shop to prepare a prototype for a meeting.
The SupAcet 5 is fully portable and supplied in a robust tool case.
That it's time to dip into the tool case and go full bore with what is workingiPS cells and stem cells from adult sourcesand junk the rest.