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Noun1.tool case - a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand toolstool case - a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand tools
chest - box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy
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Features include wire reel with easy-load design; reel capacity equating to 120 ties of #3 x #3 rebar; digital adjustment of tying strength to match various tension strength requirements; and, belt clip, hex wrench and tool case.
Since then, the number of industry firsts has grown and the legendary red tool case has become synonymous with innovation and quality which has led to us surpassing the $5 billion sales mark globally.
Sharon Ward, the director of public and media relations at Pelican Products, said one photograph showed what was "certainly" a tool case manufactured by her firm.
Additionally, the drop of the axial force was less abrupt in the excited tool case, due to preservation of sample integrity throughout the drilling process (demonstrated by the length of the graph).
Removal of the tray revealed another almost identical container, housing a jack, wheel nuts, tool case and - a split four-pint plastic milk carton, the contents of which were at an advanced stage of separation.
She said that at one point he took out a small tool case packed with screwdrivers and started fiddling with them.