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1. A case for carrying or storing tools.
2. Computers A set of precompiled routines for use in writing new programs.


(Tools) a metal or plastic box which contains general tools that one needs at home, for example to do repairs to one's house or car



a box or case in which tools are kept.
Also called tool′ chest`.
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Noun1.toolbox - a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand toolstoolbox - a box or chest or cabinet for holding hand tools
chest - box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy
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The QSAR Toolbox is a software application intended to increase the regulatory acceptance of (Q)SAR methods.
Obtaining New Licenses Matlab booking up to 1 year 1 year + 03/31/2017 until 31/03/2018 for further follow-up (11 pcs Matlab license, 2 Economterics Toolbox Financial Toolbox 2, 2 Database Toolbox, Optimization Toolbox 2, 2 Statistics toolbox, toolbox 1 Data Feed).
MathWorks has introduced WLAN System Toolbox, providing standard-compliant functions for the design, simulation, analysis, and testing of wireless LAN communications systems.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-July 30, 2015-Banker's Toolbox, Accel-KKR partner in growth of fraud prevention solutions
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 30, 2015-Banker's Toolbox, Accel-KKR partner in growth of fraud prevention solutions
UBuildNet has updated and improved its Toolbox Feature.
New York (AirGuideBusiness - Business & Industry Features) Wed, Apr 9, 2014 - Boeing announced that Air Canada has signed an agreement to implement the Boeing Maintenance Performance Toolbox to support maintenance operations for its 767, 777, 787 and 737 MAX airplane fleets.
Technical Toolboxes has expanded its well-known Pipeline Toolbox software to include SI/Metric units for the international pipeline industry.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently updated its Climate Ready Water Utilities Toolbox, which provides access to more than 500 resources that support climate adaptation planning at water utilities.
The 350-page "ABA Toolbox on Liquidity" is a free, members-only benefit that includes a package of case studies, Excel worksheets and other tools for use in preparing or updating liquidity and funds management plans.
UKPRwire, Tue Mar 01 2011] The Power Tools and Hand Tools market is massive in the UK, with all the DIY'ers as well as the mass trade that use them day to day, things need to move fast -- Toolbox are doing just this adding and maintaining products at an alarming rate.
The CRONE Toolbox for Matlab and Simulink, dedicated to fractional order calculus, is deeply elaborated product which contains the implementations of the original theoretical and mathematical concepts developed by the CRONE research group (Oustaloup et al.