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One that makes tools, especially a skilled machinist trained in making and repairing tools and parts.

tool′mak′ing n.


(ˈtulˌmeɪ kər)

1. a machinist skilled in the building and reconditioning of tools, jigs, and related devices used in a machine shop.
2. one that fashions tools.
tool′mak`ing, n.
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Noun1.toolmaker - someone skilled in making or repairing toolstoolmaker - someone skilled in making or repairing tools
maker, shaper - a person who makes things


[ˈtuːlˌmeɪkəʳ] Ntallador m de herramientas
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Vitrified diamond grinding wheels meet the needs of the toolmaker primarily concerned with increased productivity (total number of tools produced), as well as the toolmaker influenced more by wheel cost and parts per wheel ratios.
AYRSHIRE owner Willie Hyslop enjoyed a flying visit to Drumbo Park on Saturday where he cheered home his dogs Toolmaker Scot and Toolmaker Metro as they finished first and third in the final of the PS5,000 Tennents Gold Cup, writes Michael Fortune.
But the necessary tools cost around 2,000 dollars, so John arranged a second workshop, where an expert toolmaker came and taught the young men to make their own tools -a lifetime source of pride and income for them.
WARWICKSHIRE engineering firm NPL Technologies will become the biggest pattern and toolmaker in the world after buying a majority interest in a Mexican company.
What makes this situation even worse, reports a major toolmaker, is that too many of today's engineers may have the education, but lack the experience in nitty-gritty details of insert selection.
Gleeson's Toolmaker Scot and McGrath's Farloe Rumble and Blue Cafu have reached the final unbeaten and will carry plenty of support.
BUSINESS: NPL Technologies, Britain's biggest pattern and toolmaker, based in Nuneaton, has attained two new quality standards.
Scot sets the pace in Cup THE Robert Gleeson-trained TOOLMAKER SCOT went fastest in the semi-finals of the Tennents Gold Cup at Drumbo Park on Saturday, writes Michael Fortune.
and general manager at Stratasys, "When you give the toolmaker a prototype in addition to your CAD drawing, it allows them to give a more accurate price quote--typically a more attractive one.
A Birmingham toolmaker is to close its workshop after almost 70 years in business with the loss of 38 jobs between now and Christmas.
NUNEATON-BASED pattern and toolmaker NPL Technologies has appointed Nigel Hartley as project manager, blow mould tooling.