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One that makes tools, especially a skilled machinist trained in making and repairing tools and parts.

tool′mak′ing n.


[ˈtuːlˌmeɪkɪŋ] Ntalladura f de herramientas
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He joined the family firm in 1949 aged 21 and took courses in accountancy, design, toolmaking and production engineering to learn the trade before being made managing director at just 31.
Betty, a New Caledonian crow heralded as a toolmaking prodigy, may not have been such a whiz bird after all.
Horsham-based injection moulder, Pentagon Plastics, has acquired neighbouring toolmaking firm, Phoenix Engineering 2009 Ltd (formerly Punctual Precision) for an undisclosed sum.
AWEBA complements Schuler's product portfolio in metalforming and extends the company's existing activities in toolmaking.
Located around 40 km north of Stuttgart, CNC-Bearbeitung Jurgen Buss GmbH (known locally as Buss Toolmaking) has earned its reputation as a competent and reliable partner in CNC machining and toolmaking to industries such as automotive, medical, environmental, and agriculture; the wisdom of not allowing more than 10 to 15 percent of turnover to be spoken for by any single customer demonstrates astute management.
The aim of the institute is to develop new and alternative drive technologies and platforms and to conduct analysis into product strategies, market launch, technology transfer, toolmaking, and the development of training programmes.
Proteins, eyes, limbs, toolmaking - even orgasms - are, he argues, inevitable.
The equipment in question here was developed by Audi Toolmaking.
A BOOMING toolmaking company is set break the PS7 million turnover barrier for the rst time - 50 years after placing its rst recruitment advert in the Birmingham Mail Barkley Plastics, based in the city's Highgate district, is celebrating the milestone anniversary after landing a batch of new automotive contracts and launching its own line of PVC -oor tiles called Plas-oor.
Coventry-based workers have been travelling to China to advise their Far East counterparts on pressworking, toolmaking and manufacturing processes.
We had a quick tour of Victorinox's vast factory in Ibach that allowed us to see essential toolmaking sections.
Since joining the company almost 42 years ago, press shop engineer Alan has been providing technical support and knowledge to the Press Shop Toolmaking team as well as continuously improving new methods and designs.