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Andy Bird CEO of Inoapps added, "We have already developed an excellent relationship with Rapid4Cloud and are highly impressed by the ability of their rapid implementation toolsets. By combining this revolutionary automation technology suite with our proven methodologies, we can offer our customers unrivalled implementation speeds and flexibility.
Mocha Pro standalone comes in at $1,695, contains all the toolsets you need and allows you to share information with many other software solutions, such as Nuke and After Effects.
With this new release of its VX-toolset, Altium is now driving the industry trend to bring toolsets under the Eclipse IDE, through a plug-in that enables a seamless integration of the compiler tools and the simulator user- interface into the Eclipse framework.
The suite offers a wide array of specialized creative toolsets that help the game developer produce large amounts of high-quality content on a tight update schedule.
TMNG Global's proven methodologies and toolsets, advanced analytical capabilities, and deep market and customer insights assure their clients' businesses by creating lasting and sustainable value through improved efficiency and performance and reduced expenditures.
It offers theoretical background and introduces the applications of three powerful verification toolsets: LOTOS-based CADP, Petri nets-based PETRIFY, and CCS-based CWB.
In order to address the challenges, the IPT provided a one-company concept resulting in a single compliant solution that was developed by leveraging common adaptable toolsets. Through the use of these toolsets, the team streamlined implementation across the varied divisions of the company, reduced cost and efficiency, and came up with a single application to use across the board.
Users have access to the main toolsets of the developer's Studio software, including sketching, surface modeling, rendering, and animation tools.
Recently Media 100 began shipments of the OS X-native Media 100 i Version 8.2 software, expanding the Media 100 i toolsets for editing, effects design, audio design, and media management.
Whilst there are some big players in the market such as Compuware and Attachmate, according to the latest Butler Group Report' Application Modernisation Market Lifecycle Rating' the future will be dominated by smaller companies developing comprehensive toolsets and those willing to partner with service and consultancy organisations.
It analyses factors like bottleneck toolsets and real-time yield rates and adjusts wafer lot order accordingly.