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A small building in which tools are kept.
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a small building where tools are stored, often in the backyard of a house.
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Noun1.toolshed - a shed for storing tools
shed - an outbuilding with a single story; used for shelter or storage
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[ˈtuːlˌʃɛd] ncapanno degli attrezzi
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AND rushed into the toolshed, and jumped into a can.
McGREGOR was quite sure that Peter was somewhere in the toolshed, perhaps hidden underneath a flower-pot.
Still, compared to my bush house, which also served as a toolshed, woodworking shop, school, and food-processing plant, this one was tremendously easy to keep dean.
Then Lair built a toolshed at the northeast corner of the garden, where it wouldn't shade the rest of the plot.
There's also the granary, the chicken coop, the hay barn, and the "big barn"; then there's Newberry's barn (when you buy a neighbor's farm his fields and buildings traditionally carry his name ad infinitum); Newberry's milk house, and Newberry's toolshed. And every weathered building has its cache of farm treasures.
To extend the lifetime of your tools, store them in a sheltered location, such as a toolshed or garage.
It's bound to spend more time on the job than in the toolshed. Tools go together with scraps of wood, dowels, or molding of hardwood (oak, birch) or softwood (pine, fir).
Those of us who operate from a toolshed may still have a barn in our sights.
Watch as she finds the crack under the toolshed door.
He therefore kept the skull and placed it on the roof of his toolshed. Several years later, Professor Mads Peter Heide-JE[sup.1]rgensen of the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources visited the settlement and also immediately recognized the skull's strange characteristics.
You have to put the pruning saw and garden hoe back in the toolshed and bring out your twig shears and tweezers; bonsai research requires a different set of skills and a different approach to finding information.
I don't have to worry about forgetting my wrench back in the toolshed if I decide to switch attachments out in the field."