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toon 1

1. A large deciduous tree (Toona ciliata) of tropical Asia, Australia, and New Guinea, having dark red, aromatic wood.
2. The wood of this tree.

[Hindi tūn, from Sanskrit tunnaḥ, variant of tuṇiḥ.]

toon 2

n. Informal
1. A cartoon, especially an animated cartoon.
2. A character in an animated cartoon.


1. (Plants) a large meliaceous tree, Cedrela toona, of the East Indies and Australia, having clusters of flowers from which a dye is obtained
2. (Forestry) the close-grained red wood of this tree, used for furniture, carvings, etc
[from Hindi tūn, from Sanskrit tunna]


(Film) a cartoon character



1. an Australasian tree, Cedrela toona, of the mahogany family, yielding an aromatic red wood used for furniture, carving, etc.
2. the wood itself.
[1800–10; < Hindi tūn < Skt tunna]


(sometimes cap.) a character in an animated cartoon.
[1980–85; shortening of cartoon]
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Noun1.toon - a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequencetoon - a film made by photographing a series of cartoon drawings to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence
short subject - a brief film; often shown prior to showing the feature
References in classic literature ?
They were talking aboot it, doon toon, last neeght,' replied John,
What I mean is, would he be likely to come down to the toon of, say one thousand pounds out of money that's as good as a man's own already?
WHEN another night came the columns, changed to purple streaks, filed across two pon- toon bridges.
At eight in the evening the schoolhouse was brilliantly lighted, and adorned with wreaths and fes- toons of foliage and flowers.
Good Night, Planet" is an easy- to- read level 2 comic or Toon book, winner of a Junior Library Guild Selection award.
There are not many instructions as to how to progress, write your Toon or save, much is done by clicking drop down menus to find out what is there and just navigating to relevant pages by guess work.
But Toon have increased their offer and believe a PS12million deal will clinch the signing of the flying wide player.
They beat Kirkheaton CBC husband and wife pairing Paul and Bernie Toon 21-15 in the final at sponsors Primrose Hill Liberal Club.
ROCK legend Sting has been singing the praises of Toon boss Rafa Benitez this week during an interview with Football Focus.
Doon Toon, things will be great when you're Doon Toon, no finer place for sure, Doon Toon, everything's waiting for you.
The Doha Film Institute (DFI) in collaboration with the Qatar Animation Center, which is under the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is presenting the holistic Toon Boom Certified Training Course to the upcoming animators of Qatar.
Canada-based animation software company Toon Boom Animation Inc.