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He is switching places with Toorie, Edinburgh Zoo's young male koala, who will be making the return flight to Dusseldorf next week.
Never had so many of Tom Weir's trademark toorie bunnets been seen in one place.
Lunch at our apartment was followed swiftly by another trip to the spa, while our evening meal was taken at the Tappie Toorie restaurant.
Situated in the clubhouse and slap bang next to the Colin Montgomerie Links Golf Academy, the Tappie Toorie is - like the resort's other five eateries - overseen by head chef Justin Galea.
Tappie Toorie, 231 yds, par 3: A brute of a par three.
The Toorie leader wanted a quick shifta at the addendum and a break was caaled fur.
The second short hole, the 221 yard Tappie Toorie sixth was one, a five wood finding the back of the green and two putts, then the same club found the green in two at the long seventh and a 15ft putt brought a par four at the eighth Goat Fell, a 362 yard slight dog-leg left along the shore
# You do not require to be resident at the Turnberry Hotel (01655-331 000) to enjoy the amazing food at all three of the resort's restaurants - The Turnberry, The Terrace and The T appie Toorie. Scotland's finest game, stock and seafood is given a French twist
Stop Your Ticklin' Jock, Just a Wee Jock 'n Doris, and stuff about A Wee Butt 'n Ben and a Red Toorie Oorie ramrodded my eardrums, snatched my brain and fed it to the gulls.
I shout for my mum to come and see it and she bursts out laughing as we watch the pair of them trying to get out of the rickshaw, wearing tartan toories, with red, ruddy, grinning faces.
Last night, in Dunfermline, where he once owned the Tappie Toories pub, there was shock at the news.