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v. toot·ed, toot·ing, toots
1. To sound a horn or whistle in short blasts.
2. To make the sound of a horn or whistle blown in short blasts or a sound resembling it.
3. Slang To snort cocaine.
1. To blow or sound (a horn or whistle).
2. To sound (a blast, for example) on a horn or whistle.
3. Slang To snort (cocaine).
1. A blast, as of a horn.
2. Slang A drinking binge.
3. Slang Cocaine, especially a small amount snorted at one time.

[Ultimately of imitative origin.]

toot′er n.
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You must trust me with the book and spectacles, as well as the tooter, too; if we ever meet again, in better times, you shall have all back again, with many thanks into the bargain.
During the vehicle inspection, investigators discovered one caliber 38 revolver with pieces of ammunition, one plastic sachet containing suspected 'shabu,' as well as one improvised tooter and lighter.
Fire restrictions help prevent fires that place people, homes and businesses in danger, including our firefighters, said acting BLM Color Country District Manager Tooter Burdick.
The recipes she shares include how to cook various parts of the pig from the router to the tooter ; other meat dishes, including everything from stewed turkey wings and pot roast to a Low Country boil; what Tyson calls stone soul sides, including crackling cornbread, hoecakes, and, of course, different kinds of greens; soups and stews including oxtail and fish head stew and Everything in It Vegetable Soup ; and desserts to sell your soul for.
As in Tripod Tooter, an odd little work that resembles something hurriedly assembled from scraps of leftover clay.
The results are variously described by his friends as a pong, a trouser trumpet, a trotter, and a tooter.
Such a decision doesn't come without its own unique consequences as Tooter finds himself carrying a rifle soon enough.
If your old tooter sounds more like a tuba than a mallard, maybe its time for a new call.
However, standing just one metre away from a vuvuzela tooter during the match saw noise levels hit an even higher note and reached between 118 and 121 dB(A), depending on how much puff the player had.
Have you ever wondered why that new iPod seems tooter when you first get it than it does a month later?
There were other designers who dabbled in home, but Ralph Lauren was the first designer to catch on and have staying power," said Howard Tooter, president of the Folia division.