tooth enamel

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Noun1.tooth enamel - hard white substance covering the crown of a toothtooth enamel - hard white substance covering the crown of a tooth
solid body substance - the solid parts of the body
crown - the part of a tooth above the gum that is covered with enamel
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But don't let them overdo it - brushing more than three times a day can harm their teeth and wear away tooth enamel.
Because they're harder than tooth enamel, phytoliths scratch tooth surfaces and can become embedded in small cracks there.
Prehistoric remains are providing strong, physical evidence that people who acquired tooth enamel defects while in the womb or early childhood tended to die earlier, even if they survived to adulthood," said Emory University anthropologist George Armelagos.
Acids found in food and drink temporarily soften tooth enamel.
Tooth enamel and bone are made of a dense phosphate mineral called apatite.
London, January 17 (ANI): Good dental hygiene does not necessarily stop tooth enamel from decaying.
Nourished by sugar, the microbe produces lactic acid, which destroys tooth enamel, leading to the lesions known as caries or cavities.
Washington, Dec 22 (ANI): Scientists from University of Illinois at Chicago have made a novel discovery that may help in repairing damaged tooth enamel.
Her mother, Elaine Underwood, said her dentist had told her that Rebecca's tooth enamel might be damaged if the gem was taken off.