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1. Lacking teeth.
2. Lacking force; ineffectual.

tooth′less·ly adv.
tooth′less·ness n.
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(ˈtuθ lɪs)

1. lacking teeth.
2. without a serrated edge: a toothless saw.
3. lacking in force or sharpness; dull or ineffectual.
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Adj.1.toothless - lacking teethtoothless - lacking teeth; "most birds are toothless"; "a toothless old crone"
toothed - having teeth especially of a certain number or type; often used in combination; "saw-toothed"
2.toothless - lacking necessary force for effectivenesstoothless - lacking necessary force for effectiveness; "a toothless piece of legislation"
ineffective, ineffectual, uneffective - not producing an intended effect; "an ineffective teacher"; "ineffective legislation"
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أدْرَد، لا أسْنان لَه


[ˈtuːθlɪs] ADJdesdentado, sin dientes (fig) → sin poder efectivo, ineficaz
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[ˈtuːθləs] adj
[person, smile] → édenté(e)
(= ineffective) [organization] → sans réel pouvoir; [law] → sans effet
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[ˈtuːθlɪs] adjsdentato/a
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(tuːθ) nounplural teeth (tiːθ)
1. any of the hard, bone-like objects that grow in the mouth and are used for biting and chewing. He has had a tooth out at the dentist's.
2. something that looks or acts like a tooth. the teeth of a comb/saw.
teethe (tiːð) verb
(of a baby) to grow one's first teeth. He cries a lot because he's teething.
toothed adjective
having teeth. a toothed wheel.
ˈtoothless adjective
without teeth. a toothless old woman.
ˈtoothy adjective
showing a lot of teeth. a toothy grin.
ˈtoothache noun
a pain in a tooth. He has / is suffering from toothache.
ˈtoothbrush noun
a brush for cleaning the teeth.
ˈtoothpaste noun
a kind of paste used to clean the teeth. a tube of toothpaste.
ˈtoothpick noun
a small piece of wood, plastic etc for picking out food etc from between the teeth.
be/get etc long in the tooth
(of a person or animal) to be, become etc, old. I'm getting a bit long in the tooth to climb mountains.
a fine-tooth comb
a comb with the teeth set close together, for removing lice, dirt etc from hair etc.
a sweet tooth
a liking for sweet food. My friend has a sweet tooth.
tooth and nail
fiercely and with all one's strength. They fought tooth and nail.
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Moustached men in gleaming white suits welcomed us to come sit at their restaurant; Berber water sellers in huge red tasselled hats grinned toothlessly as we passed; sizzling plates of unidentified delicacies whirled past us and always the scents of wood smoke, spices and frying onions pulled us on through the growing crowd.
(224) It read the anti-coercion test rather toothlessly, since there exists a real risk that individuals appearing before a council seeking zoning waivers, etc.
"Toothlessly capitulating and receiving a 7-1 spanking" probably wasn't the tone they were aiming for.
Vanity tells us that there's no image more silly than that of a wrinkled creature with a bloated belly in a triathlon suit grinning toothlessly as it emerges from the water.
"What she wants is a man to chase her into bed at night," Ieuan heard one old man mutter toothlessly to his neighbour.
Accordingly, Cable separates the moments of Frowenfeld verbalizing his political agenda, which proves toothlessly idealistic, from the novel's deeper and more conflicted critique of the salted-earth racial politics that give rise to a complex character of color like Palmyre Philosophe.
Given the reliance of these interventions on documentation for their historical transmission, the question arises: How can such vitriolic challenges to the power of church and state be recognized and transformed, rather than rendered toothlessly ahistorical, through the power of the image?
But he took the bottle and when she began to wipe his face with a damp rag, he smiled toothlessly at her" (39).
"Our ancestors used to do the same," the 80-year-old says, smiling toothlessly from beneath his keffiyeh, the traditional Arab headdress, and peering out from eyes magnified by his thick glasses.
Quiero cerveza!" and the rest of it, the lyrics dumbly repeating the line about liking cerveza over and over, liking cerveza at the seaside, liking cerveza in the mountains, liking cerveza while riding in a car, just liking cerveza, and the stubble-faced locos, the limping one and the one recently having taken to wearing the farmer's sombrero made of rough basket-woven grass, fraying, they would dance with each other, flapping their arms like chicken wings, looking at their feet in worn boots that were doing a step that didn't seem Mexican whatsoever even if it was akin to the classic hat dance, theirs was more of a jig, toothlessly shouting about Cerveza!