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Adj.1.toothlike - resembling a toothtoothlike - resembling a tooth      
toothed - having teeth especially of a certain number or type; often used in combination; "saw-toothed"
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The new species can be distinguished from other species with its subgenital plate extremely short, with 3 macrosetae along upper margin sub-basally and 2 strong toothlike setae apically; pygofer lobe with a single dorsal macroseta.
The hagfish is wormlike and use a toothlike tongue to eat dead organisms.
A spidery web or starburst of lines occupies the background, partially obscured by two white rectangles on which floats an ocher oval with a few semicircular, toothlike black forms, among other gestural events.
(22,23) An odontoma can be classified as a compound odontoma (odontoma, compound type) if its elements have recognizable toothlike morphologies (odontoids).