tootle along

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w>tootle along

vi (dated inf)dahinzuckeln (inf); I’d better tootle along nowich zottele jetzt mal lieber ab (inf); I thought I’d tootle along to the party (inf)ich dachte, ich zottel mal mit zu der Party (inf)
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Well, I think I'll tootle along to the beach and have a dip.
uk/ thelookoutdiscoverycentre JANUARY 31 Car fans should tootle along to the Vintage Sports Car Club Driving Tests event at Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, Surrey, to see prewar vehicles and watch drivers race against the clock.
uk Fog again blankets Huddersfield but another warm sunny day in prospect And still one in five drivers tootle along without their lights on when visibility is poor.
NTR's committee representative Andy-Amos Adams said: "We aim to make all cyclists feel welcome and comfortable, whether they like to tootle along chatting away or race the clock.
We're happy to tootle along in a two-litre diesel in a Formula One race.
Thank goodness that the ever-reliable Mrs Tyndale is there to calm and comfort me - when I have not gagged her as we tootle along in the car, of course.
Tour de France leader Froome enjoyed a rest day tootle along the seafront, with couples on tandems and tourists on Boris bikes in futile pursuit, after his Team Sky train was almost derailed in the Pyrenees.
Thus, for a small fee, you could tootle along and use the actual running track on which the likes of David Jenkins and Sonia Lannaman performed.
Instead of fretting about cars queuing behind me as I tootle along a narrow street or trying to hug the kerb so that traffic can pass, I finally feel like I am part of the traffic.
It is the OAP drivers who tootle along at 30mph like Mr Magoo, totally oblivious to other traffic.
You can tootle along at a very slow speed in town in fifth or sixth gear if you want to without getting any complaints from the gearbox.
And once you get used to the fact that the Kelisa is never going to pull trees, it's actually quite liberating to just tootle along city roads or motorways.