n. Slang
1. Toots.
2. A girl or young woman.
3. or toot·sy (-sē) pl. toot·sies A person's foot.

[Origin unknown. Sense 3, alteration of footsie, diminutive of foot.]


(ˈtʊtsɪ) or


n, pl -sies
(Anatomy) a child's word for toe


or toot•sie

(ˈtʊt si)

n., pl. -sies. Slang.
a foot.
[1850–55; appar. expressive alter. of footsie]


n (baby-talk)Füßchen nt
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Sonny Angara, wife Tootsy and their kids hied off to frozen Lake Tahoe where they bundled up for the action.
The cold didn't bother them anyway as they were all smiles in the pics Tootsy and Ria uploaded on their Instagram pages.
Her daughter Tootsy Echauz-Angara asked my Nanay, Laida Lim, to please check if she had really left this world.
When Tootsy and I were in grade school, Tita Baboo and Nanay often took us along to attend traditional rituals and to partake of the food that was shared with all who came.
During the Marcos years, they took Tootsy and I along to rallies.