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A bullet-hole, plugged, in the face of the top drawer, told of the fight with the Indians at Little Meadow.
All your letters I have left behind me in the top drawer of Thedora's chest of drawers.
The top drawer contained a complete collection of carpenter's tools in miniature, relics probably of the far-distant time when the Major was a boy, and when parents or friends had made him a present of a set of toy tools.
Jane" (he turned to me for the first time since his re-entrance), "take this key: go down into my bedroom, and walk straight forward into my dressing-room: open the top drawer of the wardrobe and take out a clean shirt and neck- handkerchief: bring them here; and be nimble.
On going up to put away her best hat, Jo's first look was toward the bureau, for in their last quarrel Amy had soothed her feelings by turning Jo's top drawer upside down on the floor.
He needs three top drawer players in various positions and then he's looking at another four or five players of really good quality to come into the squad as well.
We need to bring in seven players at least in I'd say of which three must be out of the top drawer.
JORDAN HENDERSON looked really mobile and sharp, Daniel Sturridge's header was top drawer and Adam Lallana is going from strength to strength as a footballer this season.
Schweinsteiger is absolutely top drawer and his record and reputation speak for themselves.
The manager is top drawer, the staff are top drawer, and we all need to stay together," Boro's influential midfielder said.
I'm pretty sure it's going to take me all that time to properly get to grips with all the top drawer toys and presents which were given to me my a mixture of Santa Claus and my lovely friends and family.