top kick

top′ kick`

a first sergeant.
[1915–20, Amer.]
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com/2018/02/07/dave-toub-quickly-emerges-as-colts-coaching-candidate/) Dave Toub , the Kansas City Chiefs special teams coordinator who has consistently fielded top kick and punt return units throughout his NFL career.
Tenders are invited for 1 1996 c-70 gmc top kick dump truck.
WPI graduated its top kick and punt returner from a year ago in Mitch McClune, and those positions were wide open heading into the season.
Trucks included: 1990 Ford medium duty flatbed, 1997 Ford F450 w/Boom, 1999 GMC Flatbed Top Kick.
The name of the museum, Top Kick, is military slang for first sergeant, the rank Bland held with the Army Combat Engineers.
In March, Schwarz took delivery of a new GMC Top Kick truck, rated at 35,000 pounds gross vehicle weight rating.
Tenders are invited for sale of vehicles: 1990 gmc top kick, dump truck,minimum bid is $5,500.
Tate's return ability was undoubtedly appealing to the Patriots, who traded top kick returner Ellis Hobbs to Philadelphia yesterday and likely wouldn't mind freeing up receiver Wes Welker from having to return punts.
James, who won his first world title in 1995, has spent a lot of time in Japan, where top kick boxers are revered as superstars.
On March 25, in Belfast's Waterfront Hall, Billy will meet Thai boxing champion Chartsing in a bout that will feature some of the world's top kick boxers.