top secret

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With Super Top Secret, Strain has built a full-service agency that is really an extension of who he is.
This acquisition of Top Secret, in combination with an expansive capital investment programme, will create formulation, product development and production capabilities across in excess of 600,000 square feet of manufacturing space.
gov/the-press-office/2010/08/18/executive-order-13549-classified-national-security-information-programs-%22%22) three levels of classification to designate how sensitive certain information is: confidential, secret and top secret.
Despite being on its fourth mission, OTV's mission protocols remain top secret information.
Lors d'une descente menee par les unites securitaires dans l'entreprise en question, une grande quantite de documents du MI dont 3 sont classes Top secret, une liste contenant les noms de dirigeants, d'ambassadeurs etrangers et des rapports securitaires ont ete saisis.
The minister directed security clearance of all directors general and general managers of Nadra from the country top secret agencies.
PERFORMANCE: The aim was to book - 48 hours in advance - a hotel for under PS90 for one night in central Brussels via lastminute's Top Secret hotels facility, where you can get substantial savings on rooms but don't find out the property you've selected until the booking is complete.
This (Henderson Brooks report) is a top secret document and has not been declassified so far," he said in the reply.
It was dead silence when we learned from The Post that billions of dollars were being spent to support 1,271 different government agencies coupled with 1,931 private companies scattered in 10,000 locations and staffed by more than 854,000 people holding top secret clearances.
The top secret program named PRISM, established in 2007, enables government analysts to track suspected terrorists or a broader network of suspects, according to the Washington Post.