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tr.v. top-dressed, top-dress·ing, top-dress·es
1. To cover (a road surface) with loose material that is not worked in.
2. To apply top dressing to (soil or plants).
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In order to accumulate the necessary amount of fine sea-sand, he ordered the steward to prepare for an elaborate system of top-dressing all the grounds.
Plants will benefit from an annual top-dressing of nutrientrich organic mulch.
Top-dressing N fertilizations started 30 days after transplanting (DAT) and the treatments were applied at 14-day intervals.
Contract notice: Tender for the supply, delivery and application (as required) of top-dressing sand, the supply and delivery of bowling green sand and the supply and delivery of topsoil, screened topsoil and sand/soil mix.
Top-dressing using a mixture of loam, sand and organic matter helps to keep a lawn in good heart for most seasons by maintaining a level surface and improving surface fertility and the density of the turf.
After pruning apply a top-dressing of a balanced slow-release fertiliser such as blood, fish and bone around the base of the plant, ensuring that none touches the leaves or stems.
After the lawn has been aerated, apply a top-dressing to improve the surface texture and the health of the soil beneath.
YOU can make your own top-dressing using medium-fine sand with peat-substitute and top soil, passing it all through a 5mm sieve.
You can buy proprietary top-dressing but it's just as easy to make your own with equal parts of sieved garden soil, peat and gritty sand.