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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - surpassing in qualitytop-grade - surpassing in quality; "top-grade ore"
best - (superlative of `good') having the most positive qualities; "the best film of the year"; "the best solution"; "the best time for planting"; "wore his best suit"
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FLYING TONIGHT'S RPGTV GUIDE DARK RECRUIT has three wins and a caught-closehome second in four Peterborough races after returning from Nottingham and can further enhance that record with victory in a 435m top-grade contest at the Fengate track (7.05), writes Jonathan Kay.
For Burley, the per kilogram price for top-grade A rose by P2 bringing the price to P70 from the current P68.
In a statement, the company said the city would host top-grade office buildings, up-market retail outlets, contemporary academic centers, sports centers, an urban park, an iconic tower, a hotel and casino, and modern support services and amenities.
Children from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds are particularly susceptible to underachievement because teachers are focusing on getting GCSE pupils on the crucial C/D borderline into the "top-grade" bracket, rather than supporting the most able to secure the top A/A* grades, Sir Michael Wilshaw said.
On your hand, the Tru-Diamonds gems in this stunning Three-Stone Ring look so much like expensive, top-grade mined diamonds that even a jeweller won't know the difference without closer inspection or special testing.
While it has not been confirmed, officials at the Swansea Coroner's office believe the iconic gentleman of the road was Brian Burford, of Clase, Swansea, who got eight top-grade O-levels and three Grade As at A-level while at Swansea's Dynevor Grammar School.
10, 2011 (CENS) -- Fair Friend Group, Taiwan's leading manufacturer of machining center, has resolved to cooperate with a top-grade Japanese manufacturer of grinding machines to set up a joint-venture plant in the Taichung Precision Machinery Park, central Taiwan.
Luanda meanwhile is the main center for Angola's extractive industry, in particular for oil and diamond mining, and where the availability of top-grade office space is extremely limited which in turn has pushed up rental levels.
You enter an offset security zone and then arrive in the main 'living room' space, a huge volume where you can sit, attend informal meetings or presentations, and watch whatever is happening in the assembly chamber on one of the many screens available (all the IT in the buildings is top-grade).
It's easy to access, it's extremely relevant, it's well organized under titles that I use to teach, it's top-grade quality and it's free.
Katrina Harrison, of American Express, said: "More top-grade hotels, more direct flights from UK regions and a reputation as a welcoming place for families have all boosted Dubai's appeal
The main investment will be at the Breaffy House Hotel in Castlebar where a top-grade health spa is to be added, followed by an additional 65 rooms.