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adj. top-heav·i·er, top-heav·i·est
1. Likely to topple because of an uneven distribution of weight, with the majority being at the top.
2. Accounting Overcapitalized.
3. Having a disproportionately large number of administrators.

top′-heav′i·ness n.
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[ˈtɒpˈhevɪnɪs] N (fig) (in organization) → exceso m de altos cargos
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Personally, I want a bow that balances nicely straight out of the box, without the dreaded "top-heaviness" some models are known for.
But the film has a top-heaviness as well: the gravity of "importance" that can weigh down an awards-season contender.
Any sense of top-heaviness has been taken care of, the car feeling more mature in the way it carries itself.
According to Binks, both tanks feature a new fill port that makes it easy and quick to add material, a location lug that ensures proper lid orientation, large handles for portability, short overall height to fit small space and reduce top-heaviness, and a range of available sizes.