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A new species of top-shells (Trochidae) was discovered around the Leiyu Township in Taiwan's Kinmen County - Kinmen Top-shell, the first to be named after the outlying islands.
The Kinmen Top-shell sports a pyramid shell comprised of circles of colorful beads featuring hues from gold and pink to purple.
Ultimately to convert the crusher from a CH (Hydrocone type crusher) to a CS (Superior type crusher), CMS Cepcor had to supply or rebuild the following parts: a new hopper assembly, reconditioned spider with CMS Cepcor parts, top-shell (including wear pats), main shaft assembly (including wear parts), new eccentric assembly, pinion shaft assembly, reconditioned hydroset assembled with CMS Cepcor parts, new dust collar assembly, reconditioned bottom shell, and a support frame with guards and a new motor.
The forearm is slim and decorated with 22 line-per-inch checkering you would see on a top-shell field gun, which the Maxus is.