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Verb1.topdress - scatter manure or fertilizer over (land)topdress - scatter manure or fertilizer over (land)
fertilize, fertilise, feed - provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to; "We should fertilize soil if we want to grow healthy plants"
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In the Great Plains, wheat growers can choose to apply all N before planting or split N fertilizer between preplant starter and the midseason topdress. Several N fertilizer sources--dry and liquid--are available to producers.
In our experience most farmers use rainfall forecasts in planning to topdress urea and minimise losses.
? Clean around globe artichokes, lightly fork the ground and topdress with compost prior to soaking.
If you topdress (spread over the top) the recommended amount of nitrogen-based fertilizer (ammonium nitrate, sulfate and/or urea), you will significantly increase forage production.
In autumn, spike the lawn to aerate it, rake out old dead grass and topdress with compost then feed with low nitrogen lawn feed to toughen grass up for the winter.
Due to inadequate time after the laying of these squares to flatten the surface out, construction staff apparently decided to heavily topdress the ground with sand in order to flatten to playing surface.
Just topdress them with the same compost every autumn or spring and fork it over lightly.'
In addition, fall application of N can often avoid inclement weather that can limit opportunities to topdress N during late winter and early spring.
Pot up with compost and topdress with a layer of cactus dressing or very small gravel.
Some rock had been pulverized and used by local farmers to topdress their fields.
"We recommended they put on 3/4 gal LIQUIDOW 38 percent calcium chloride per sq yd on the ground asphalt and base course, and then had them topdress another 1/4 gal on the surface after the road was shaped and rolled.
Grain yields increased from 134 to 456 kg [ha.sup.-1] for irrigated plots that received N fertilizer preplant compared to irrigated plots that received topdress N fertilizer in February or March.