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tope 1

tr. & intr.v. toped, top·ing, topes Archaic
To drink (liquor) habitually and excessively or engage in such drinking.

[Possibly from obsolete tope, interjection used in proposing a toast.]

top′er n.

tope 2

A small shark (Galeorhinus galeus) that has a long pointed snout and is commercially harvested for food and oil.

[Origin unknown.]

tope 3

See stupa.

[Hindi top, probably from Prakrit thūpo, from Sanskrit stūpaḥ, tuft of hair, crown of the head, summit, stupa.]


to consume (alcoholic drink) as a regular habit, usually in large quantities
[C17: from French toper to keep an agreement, from Spanish topar to take a bet; probably because a wager was generally followed by a drink]
ˈtoper n


1. (Animals) a small grey requiem shark, Galeorhinus galeus, of European coastal waters
2. (Animals) any of various other small sharks
[C17: of uncertain origin; compare Norfolk dialect toper dogfish]


(Buddhism) another name for a stupa
[C19: from Hindi tōp; compare Sanskrit stūpa stupa]



v. toped, top•ing. v.i.
1. to drink alcoholic liquor habitually and to excess.
2. to drink (liquor) habitually and to excess.
[1645–55; orig. uncertain]



a small shark, Galeorhinus galeus, of European coasts.
[1680–90; perhaps akin to toper dogfish (Norfolk dial.), of obscure orig.]



[1805–15; < Hindi ṭop]


Past participle: toped
Gerund: toping

I tope
you tope
he/she/it topes
we tope
you tope
they tope
I toped
you toped
he/she/it toped
we toped
you toped
they toped
Present Continuous
I am toping
you are toping
he/she/it is toping
we are toping
you are toping
they are toping
Present Perfect
I have toped
you have toped
he/she/it has toped
we have toped
you have toped
they have toped
Past Continuous
I was toping
you were toping
he/she/it was toping
we were toping
you were toping
they were toping
Past Perfect
I had toped
you had toped
he/she/it had toped
we had toped
you had toped
they had toped
I will tope
you will tope
he/she/it will tope
we will tope
you will tope
they will tope
Future Perfect
I will have toped
you will have toped
he/she/it will have toped
we will have toped
you will have toped
they will have toped
Future Continuous
I will be toping
you will be toping
he/she/it will be toping
we will be toping
you will be toping
they will be toping
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been toping
you have been toping
he/she/it has been toping
we have been toping
you have been toping
they have been toping
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been toping
you will have been toping
he/she/it will have been toping
we will have been toping
you will have been toping
they will have been toping
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been toping
you had been toping
he/she/it had been toping
we had been toping
you had been toping
they had been toping
I would tope
you would tope
he/she/it would tope
we would tope
you would tope
they would tope
Past Conditional
I would have toped
you would have toped
he/she/it would have toped
we would have toped
you would have toped
they would have toped
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.tope - a dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists
shrine - a place of worship hallowed by association with some sacred thing or person
Verb1.tope - drink excessive amounts of alcoholtope - drink excessive amounts of alcohol; be an alcoholic; "The husband drinks and beats his wife"
habituate, use - take or consume (regularly or habitually); "She uses drugs rarely"
booze, drink, fuddle - consume alcohol; "We were up drinking all night"


(o.f.) [təʊp] VIbeber (más de la cuenta), emborracharse
References in classic literature ?
Close to her seat stands that of my father, on which he sits and topes like an immortal god.
Tope, Chief Verger and Showman, and accustomed to be high with excursion parties, declines with a silent loftiness to perceive that any suggestion has been tendered to him.
Tope work his way round the sunken rock--'when he came in, that it distressed him mightily to get his notes out: which was perhaps the cause of his having a kind of fit on him after a little.
Sorry to hear from Tope that you have not been well, Jasper.
And they fared out from the gloom of the mango tope, the old man's high, shrill voice ringing across the field, as wail by long-drawn wail he unfolded the story of Nikal Seyn [Nicholson] - the song that men sing in the Punjab to this day.
Lo peor sucede cuando los votantes se percatan de que ese dispendio no tiene ninguna consecuencia para los candidatos, a pesar de que la Constitucion Politica de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos senala explicitamente que el rebase de topes de gastos de campana en mas de 5% de los topes y la diferencia entre el primero y el segundo lugar es de menos de cinco puntos porcentuales -como ocurrio en Coahuila-, es motivo suficiente para anular la eleccion.
Se rebasaron los topes de gastos de campana en el Estado de Mexico, Coahuila, Nayarit y Veracruz, por tanto, por esta causa tendrian que ser anuladas todas estas elecciones, esa es la realidad que prevalece en nuestra fracasada democracia, con sus consecuentes efectos en nuestra vida politica y social.
La secuencia estratigrafica encontrada en los pozos del Campo Colorado atraviesa de tope a base las Zonas B y C de la Formacion Mugrosa; estos topes fueron definidos por Mier et al.
Todo esto se ha realizado mediante el empleo de graficos de tasa de penetracion y de calcimetria, facilitando la identificacion de los topes formacionales.
Los topes con que se pretende reducir la velocidad de los vehiculos no soto los maltratan sino que empeoran la contaminacion.
Estudios de la Iowa State University en 1997 y la University of Minessota en el 2004, concluyeron que los topes en zonas residenciales y cerca de escuelas ayuda a salvar vidas, especialmente de ninos.
A few years later, she was experimenting on a low-flying circus trapeze when the topes became entangled.