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"If you don't look sharp, you'll have your topgallant yards through the windows of that 'ere warehouse presently!" This was the only cause of his interest in the ship's beautiful spars.
The true way to walk aft is to begin forrard; tho’f it he only in a humble way, like myself, d’ye see, which was from being only a hander of topgallant sails, and a stower of the flying-jib, to keeping the key of the captain’s locker.”
He holds course for two hours until the wind abates sufficiently to allow the topgallant yards to be crossed and all sail to be set.
RIGGERS have removed the main topgallant mast from Nelson's flagship HMS Victory as part of major renovation works.
Suddenly there was a terrifying noise as the main topgallant mast came crashing down.