topgallant sail

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Noun1.topgallant sail - a sail set on a yard of a topgallant masttopgallant sail - a sail set on a yard of a topgallant mast
sail, canvass, canvas, sheet - a large piece of fabric (usually canvas fabric) by means of which wind is used to propel a sailing vessel
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The true way to walk aft is to begin forrard; tho’f it he only in a humble way, like myself, d’ye see, which was from being only a hander of topgallant sails, and a stower of the flying-jib, to keeping the key of the captain’s locker.”
A cannonball from Tripoli's battery left the Intrepid's topgallant sail in tatters; Decatur ordered two small boats with sweeps (oars) lowered, and the men rowed for their lives, towing the unsailable Intrepid behind them, to rendezvous with the Siren.