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a. tofacio, rel. a un tofo o de naturaleza arenosa.
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Patients with tophaceous deposits may have punched-out osteolytic lesions with a sharp edge.
Gout should be included in the differential diagnosis of painful bipartite patella, and we suggest surgical intervention in combination with antihyperuricemic therapy for tophaceous deposits of the bipartite patella.
Histologic analysis confirmed the specimen to be consistent with tophaceous gout (Fig.
All gout is tophaceous, but many patients dealing with chronic, painful symptoms may not have visible tophi," said Jeffrey W.
The following case report describes a case of cubital tunnel syndrome developed in association with tophaceous compression and resolved with surgical decompression in a patient with chronic gouty arthritis.
Chronic tophaceous gouty arthritis reveals itself usually after many years and can cause deformities in the joints [3].
The disease has four stages: asymptomatic hyperuricemia, acute gouty arthritis, polyarticular gouty arthritis (Chronic, long-standing disease] and chronic tophaceous gout (soft tissue accumulation of sodium monourate].
Tumoral CPPDCD, also known as tophaceous CPDD, is a tumorlike lesion, and it should be distinguished from usual CPDD.
Gout has two clinical presentations that affect the musculoskeletal system--acute arthritis and chronic tophaceous gout.
Radiography may not be useful in confirming the diagnosis in early or acute gout, but can show erosive or tophaceous changes in chronic gout.
Three clinical syndromes are associated with gouty arthritis: acute gouty arthritis, intercritical gout (or interval gout), and chronic recurrent and tophaceous gout.