topical anesthesia

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Noun1.topical anesthesia - loss of sensation confined to the skin or mucous surfaces (as when benzocaine or Lidocaine is applied to the surface)topical anesthesia - loss of sensation confined to the skin or mucous surfaces (as when benzocaine or Lidocaine is applied to the surface)
anaesthesia, anesthesia - loss of bodily sensation with or without loss of consciousness
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However, it has been postulated that patients might not be aware of foreign-body inhalation in light of their drug-induced diminished sensation (topical anesthesia) and altered sensorium.
Moreover, the fact that this laser can be applied in conjunction with topical anesthesia alone is testament to its convenience.
Patients were seated in an upright position and administered topical anesthesia with 20% benzocaine.
The patient is first administered topical anesthesia and a topical decongestant (figure).
Friedman interviewed the patients about their prior treatment experience elsewhere, all said they experienced excessive pain, only 33% received topical anesthesia, and none reported receiving an injectable anesthesia.
The only FDA approved method for long-term reduction of cellulite is an invasive treatment requiring topical anesthesia, penetration of the skin and involves potential bleeding, bruising and significant post-treatment discomfort and downtime.
Nd:YAG laser vitreolysis is a 20-minute, in-office procedure that requires only topical anesthesia. The ophthalmologist focuses laser energy onto the clusters that are causing the shadows and administers a burst of energy for a tiny fraction of a second about 150 to 300 times.
Proparacaine Hydrochloride Eye drops were used 1-2 times about 5 minutes before applying capsulotomy Lens (ABRAHAM CAPSULOTOMY YAG LENS) for topical Anesthesia.An opening of 3-4 mm was made in the posterior lens capsule, using Nd: YAG laser (VISULAS YAG III Carl Zeis Meditec AG Germany) ensuring use of least possible energy.
Methods: A total of 147 PDTI patients with American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) I-III were subjected to Airtraq and Macintosh laryngoscopy performed by experienced anesthesiologists under consciousness and topical anesthesia.
To reduce this discomfort of palatal anesthesia, many techniques have been tried and tested like topical pressure, topical anesthesia, computed assisted anesthesia and trans papillary injections.2