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1. Any of various small fishes of the family Fundulidae of North America, Bermuda, and Cuba, found in fresh, brackish, and coastal marine waters.
2. Any of several similar fishes of the family Poeciliidae.

[So called because the fish swim near the surface of the water.]
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n, pl -now or -nows
(Animals) any of various small American freshwater cyprinodont fishes that are either viviparous (genera Heterandria, Gambusia, etc) or egg-laying (genus Fundulus)
[from top1 + minnow; so called because they are small and swim near the surface of the water]
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(ˈtɒpˌmɪn oʊ)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) -now, (esp. for kinds or species) -nows.
any of various small carplike fishes that swim near the surface of fresh or brackish waters in warm climates, as certain killifishes and livebearers: eaters of mosquito larvae.
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Noun1.topminnow - small usually brightly-colored viviparous surface-feeding fishes of fresh or brackish warm waterstopminnow - small usually brightly-colored viviparous surface-feeding fishes of fresh or brackish warm waters; often used in mosquito control
cypriniform fish - a soft-finned fish of the order Cypriniformes
Gambusia affinis, mosquitofish - silvery topminnow with rows of black spots of tropical North America and West Indies; important in mosquito control
platy, Platypoecilus maculatus - small stocky Mexican fish; popular aquarium fish
mollie, molly - popular aquarium fish
2.topminnow - freshwater fish of Central America having a long swordlike tailtopminnow - freshwater fish of Central America having a long swordlike tail; popular aquarium fish
cyprinodont - any member of the family Cyprinodontidae
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Complex interactions between native and invasive species: investigating the differential displacement of two topminnows native to Nebraska.
Topminnows occupy a similar ecological niche as mosquitofish and are often negatively impacted by introductions of this species (Meffe 1985; Laha & Mattingly 2007).
With this extreme clarity, all preyfish (primarily bluegills and star-head topminnows) have been forced into extremely shallow water as there's little cover in deeper water due to a nearly complete vegetation kill.
Such species would include the mosquitofish, darters, topminnows, and shiners.
Cytochrome P4501A induction in tissues, including olfactory epithelium, of topminnows (Poeciliopsis spp.) by waterborne benzo[a]pyrene.
As the aquifer's level drops, increasingly larger portions of the river are disappearing, leaving dry gravel beds where Sonoran mud turtles and Gila topminnows once swam.
The Goodeidae family (Cyprinodontidae) is a characteristic component of the ichthyofauna of Central Mexico, consisting of around 36 species of viviparous topminnows, which are sexually dimorphic and largely omnivorous.
Variation among desert topminnows in their susceptibility to attack by exotic parasites.
An economic feasibility study of culturing topminnows as an alternative baitfish for skipjack tuna fisheries in Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.
Abundances of eastern mosquitofish, topminnows, Everglades crayfish, and giant diving beetles were positively correlated with exotic fish abundance (Table 3).