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n. pl. to·pon·y·mies
a. The place names of a region or language.
b. The study of such place names.
2. Anatomy Nomenclature with respect to a region of the body rather than to organs or structures.

to·pon′·y·mist (-mĭst) n.


(təˈpɒnɪmɪ) or


1. the study of place names
2. (Medicine) rare the anatomical nomenclature of bodily regions, as distinguished from that of specific organs or structures
ˌtopoˈnymic, ˌtopoˈnymical, ˌtopoˈnymal adj


(təˈpɒn ə mi)

the study of place names.
[1875–80; top- + -onomy, on the model of synonymy; see -onym, -y3]
top•o•nym•ic (ˌtɒp əˈnɪm ɪk) top`o•nym′i•cal, adj.


1. the study of the place names of a district.
2. Anatomy. the nomenclature of the regions of the body. — toponymie, toponymical, adj.
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The place names used in a particualr region or language.
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Noun1.toponymy - the nomenclature of regional anatomytoponymy - the nomenclature of regional anatomy
nomenclature, terminology, language - a system of words used to name things in a particular discipline; "legal terminology"; "biological nomenclature"; "the language of sociology"
2.toponymy - the branch of lexicology that studies the place names of a region or a languagetoponymy - the branch of lexicology that studies the place names of a region or a language
lexicology - the branch of linguistics that studies the lexical component of language


[təˈpɒnɪmɪ] ntoponimia
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With close attention to the diarios's negotiation of a European toponymic heritage and the toponymies and vocabularies of the various ethnic groups in the Caribbean Basin, GuPauskyte refutes the theory that Columbus's language of naming was "a rigid instrument" that "carved, unerringly, the shapes of European visions onto silent and passive landscapes of the Americas" (5) and draws out the impact--largely ignored by the majority of colonial and postcolonial critics--that Taino language and toponymy had on Columbus's exploration and conceptualization of American lands.
Nash's Insular Toponymies is a new monograph on the ecolinguistics of place names in Norfolk Island and Dudley Peninsula.
Pour lui, la societe amazighe etant fondamentalement matriarcale, tels qu'attestes par la predominance du feminin au niveau des toponymies et les noms des divinites feminines anteislamiques, n'aura point lese les droits de la femme et ses multiples apports avec l'avenement de l'Islam, comme en temoignent differentes publications dediees a la gent feminine.