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n. pl. to·pon·y·mies
a. The place names of a region or language.
b. The study of such place names.
2. Anatomy Nomenclature with respect to a region of the body rather than to organs or structures.

to·pon′·y·mist (-mĭst) n.
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a person who studies place names
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If the Wessel Islands are ultimately and indirectly named after Pieterszoon's ship, it would be of interest to the toponymist to know whence the ship's name is derived.
Room is a toponymist and the author of numerous reference books.
But the piecemeal publication, with laudable speed, of the tablets, in volumes of two series and in numerous articles, created problems for the toponymist. He did not have a general picture at his disposal; he had to search in several books and periodicals for every occurrence of a particular place name; his lists, files, and notes were subject to changes as new evidence became available; and he was not protected from omissions and errors of transliteration, especially in early publications.