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A biological specimen that is of the same species or subspecies as a type specimen and has been collected from the same location.

top′o·typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk) adj.
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(Biology) a specimen plant or animal taken from an area regarded as the typical habitat
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and 19) of an undescribed species of the genus Carapoia, from Parque Nacional de Ubajara (03[degrees]49'S, 40[degrees]59'W), municipality of Ubajara, state of Ceara;14 topotype specimens of Micropholcus piaui (10[male] and 4[female]), from Parque Municipal da Pedra do Castelo (05[degrees]12'S, 41[degrees]41'W), municipality of Castelo do Piaui, state of Piaui; and four topotype individuals (2[male] and 2[female])of Micropholcus ubajara, from Gruta do Morcego Branco, Parque Nacional de Ubajara (03[degrees]49'S, 40[degrees]59'W), municipality of Ubajara, state of Ceara.
falsa problem, and all must be based on the study of topotype or type specimens:
The specimens from the Red Sea can be regarded as topotype specimens of Phallusia nigra.
Mann, 11m N from Snyder; Neotermes sjoestedti (Desneaux), topotype, det.
"Abundant in the Saluda River." Topotype of Alburnops saludanus, with no formal standing.
Bogan from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences; who provided valuable advice, tissues from topotype specimens, and comments on the manuscript.
Mammalia, Rodentia, Sigmodontinae, Abrothrix lanosus (Thomas, 1897): Topotype, distribution, and new locality records for Chile.
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