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1. With the top downward and the bottom up; upside-down.
2. In or into a state of utter disorder or confusion: "turning our ordered life topsy-turvy" (Anne Tyler).
adj. top·sy-tur·vi·er, top·sy-tur·vi·est
1. Turned or positioned upside down; inverted.
2. Confused or disordered.
n. pl. top·sy-tur·vies
The quality or condition of being topsy-turvy.

[Probably from top + obsolete terve, to overturn (from Middle English terven).]

top′sy-tur′vi·ly adv.
top′sy-tur′vi·ness n.
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For all the topsy-turviness at the top, it's likely at least two of the traditional Champions League clubs will make it, which would appear to be Manchester City and Arsenal.
For many children and adults alike, what makes Purim Purim are the customs that turn it into a celebration of topsy-turviness.
If Comedy Central can navigate the topsy-turviness of the media landscape as well as its new host seems to be doing, then maybe--just maybe--it can keep everyone laughing.