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Comparison of the yields and structure of fuels derived from freshwater algae (torbanite) and marine algae (El-Lajjun oil shale).
In West Lothian, James "Paraffin" Young discovered that a particular type of local coal, torbanite, gave off crude oil when it was heated.
Figure 3 shows the relation between grain density and volume fraction of organic matter for six oil shales (Torbanite, Posidonia, Messel, Himmetoglu and Condor) studied by Eseme et al.
Some of the more colorful names that have been used include cannel coal, boghead coal, alum shale, stellarite, albertite, kerosene shale, bituminite, gas coal, algal coal, wollongite, schistes bitumineux, torbanite, kukersite, and others.