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 (tôr-shâr′, -chîr′) or tor·chier (-shâr′) also tor·chère (-shâr′)
A usually tall floor lamp with a bowl-shaped part that diffuses the light or directs it upward.

[French torchère, from torche, torch; see torch.]


or tor•chier

(tɔrˈtʃɪər, -ˈʃɪər)

a floor lamp having its source of light within a reflecting bowl that directs the light upward.
[variant of torchère]


A slender decorative candlestand, often with a tripod base.


n (also torchiere lamp)Deckenfluter m, → Lampe ffür indirekte Beleuchtung
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"The extremely low profile of integrated LED chips makes them ideally suited for our sleek desk lamp and modern floor torchiere designs.
Barbra Streisand PAGES: 10 HIGHLIGHTS: A police K-9 team to sweep arenas before she performs, metal detectors at all doors, 10 "torchiere style" floor lamps, 150 folding chairs and neatly dressed show security personnel. 5 The Skyscraper Torchiere from Pacific Coast Lighting's Kathy Ireland Home collection brings a modern, sleek design into the
LARGE-LOOP CFLs are ideal for ceiling fixtures and torchiere lamps.
We love the cocoon torchiere (yes, they're real silkworm cocoons), and just about everything else in Uptown Downtown, 711 S.
One of the upcoming episodes sees us light a garden with wax torchiere flares and the best on the market, as far as we're concerned, are from House of Fraser at just pounds 5 each.
Students can participate in the Appliance Olympics, which features Energy Star-labeled refrigerators, clothes washers and torchiere lamps racing against conventional appliances.
Following some establishing shots of a foggy Midwestern expanse strongly reminiscent of helmer's short, "The Hemispheres," "The Nest" settles on a dimly lit middleclass apartment that seems like an Ikea nightmare of modular furniture and torchiere lamps.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories developed a demonstration CFL torchiere that consumed 67 watts compared to the halogen unit's 270, and gave off 50 percent more light.
"[Since the Round-Up], we have had calls concerning halogen torchiere floor lamps, novelty lighters, Hotpoint dishwashers and hair dryers," said Douglas Wise, 43rd Civil Engineer Squadron fire inspector.
* Fires from halogen torchiere light fixtures--189 in homes (1991-1996), 100 in university dorms (1996-1997) (U.S.).