torchon lace

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tor·chon lace

Lace made of coarse linen or cotton thread twisted in simple geometric patterns.

[French torchon, duster, from Old French, from torche, twisted straw, torch; see torch.]

torchon lace

(ˈtɔːʃən; French tɔrʃɔ̃)
(Textiles) a coarse linen or cotton lace with a simple openwork pattern
[C19 torchon, from French: a cleaning cloth, from torcher to wipe, from Old French torche bundle of straw; see torch]

tor′chon lace′

(ˈtɔr ʃɒn; Fr. tɔrˈʃɔ̃)
a bobbin- or machine-made lace of cotton or linen with simple, fanlike patterns.
[1875–80; torchon < French: duster, dishcloth, derivative of torch(er) to wipe, dust, orig. with a wisp of straw]