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tore 1

Past tense of tear1.

tore 2

See torus.

[French, from Latin torus.]


the past tense of tear1


(Architecture) architect another name for torus1
[C17: from French, from Latin: torus]


(tɔr, toʊr)

pt. of tear 2.


(tɔr, toʊr)

a torus.
[1660–70; < French < Latin torus]
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Noun1.tore - commonly the lowest molding at the base of a columntore - commonly the lowest molding at the base of a column
moulding, molding - a decorative strip used for ornamentation or finishing


(teə) past tense tore (toːn) : past participle torn (toː) verb
1. (sometimes with off etc) to make a split or hole in (something), intentionally or unintentionally, with a sudden or violent pulling action, or to remove (something) from its position by such an action or movement. He tore the photograph into pieces; You've torn a hole in your jacket; I tore the picture out of a magazine.
2. to become torn. Newspapers tear easily.
3. to rush. He tore along the road.
a hole or split made by tearing. There's a tear in my dress.
be torn between (one thing and another)
to have a very difficult choice to make between (two things). He was torn between obedience to his parents and loyalty to his friends.
tear (oneself) away
to leave a place, activity etc unwillingly. I couldn't tear myself away from the television.
tear one's hair
to be in despair with impatience and frustration. Their inefficiency makes me tear my hair.
tear up
1. to remove from a fixed position by violence; The wind tore up several trees.
2. to tear into pieces. She tore up the letter.


pret de tear
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3 : to remove by force <I tore the notice from the wall.
The night after he loses the race by falling through a weak place in the ice, Tore has a dream in which he sees the Inuit goddess Sedna, who warns him that "rich countries use--and waste--an awful lot of energy.
Harris originally tore knee ligaments last fall and underwent surgery.