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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The art of working metal or other materials by the use of embossing and chasing to form minute detailed reliefs.

[From Greek toreutikos, of metal work, from toreutos, worked in relief, from toreuein, to work in relief, from toreus, a boring tool; see terə- in Indo-European roots.]

to·reu′tic adj.
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Finally, Margret Miller's "Luxury Toreutic in the Western Satrapies: Court-Inspired Gift-Exchange Diffusion" shows how recent studies of "luxury toreutic" may aid our understanding of the production and dissemination of metal ware vessels in the western Achaemenid Empire.
Sculptor and toreutic artist, creator of an ivory statue of Jupiter in the god's temple at the center of the porticus Metelli, Pasiteles was the most distinctive representative of an entire artistic movement and perhaps of an actual school, which has now been named after him,(27) since two eclectic sculptors respectively signed one of their works "Stephanos, pupil of Pasiteles" and "Menelaos, pupil of Stephanos.