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n. pl. torii
The gateway of a Shinto shrine, consisting of a pair of posts supporting two horizontal crosspieces, the higher of which often is longer and has upturned ends.

[Japanese : tori, bird + i- (from iru, to dwell).]


n, pl -rii
(Architecture) a gateway, esp one at the entrance to a Japanese Shinto temple
[C19: from Japanese, literally: a perch for birds]


(ˈtɔr iˌi, ˈtoʊr-)

n., pl. -ri•i.
a Japanese gateway or portal, as at a Shinto temple, consisting of two upright wooden posts connected at the top by two horizontal crosspieces.
[1720–30; < Japanese, =tori bird + (w)i perch]


A gateway at the entrance of a Shinto temple.
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