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1. Mathematics
a. A surface generated by a closed curve rotating about, but not intersecting or containing, an axis in its own plane.
b. A solid having such a surface.
2. A body having the shape of a toroid.

to·roi′dal (tô-roid′l) adj.
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1. (Mathematics) geometry a surface generated by rotating a closed plane curve about a coplanar line that does not intersect the curve
2. (Mathematics) the solid enclosed by such a surface. See also torus
toˈroidal adj
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(ˈtɔr ɔɪd, ˈtoʊr-)

1. a surface generated by the revolution of any closed plane curve or contour about an axis lying in its plane.
2. the solid enclosed by such a surface.
[1895–1900; tor (us) + -oid]
to•roi′dal, adj.
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Noun1.toroid - the doughnut-shaped object enclosed by a torus
solid - a three-dimensional shape
anchor ring, annulus, doughnut, halo, ring - a toroidal shape; "a ring of ships in the harbor"; "a halo of smoke"
2.toroid - a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not intersect the circletoroid - a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not intersect the circle
magnetic core, core - (computer science) a tiny ferrite toroid formerly used in a random access memory to store one bit of data; now superseded by semiconductor memories; "each core has three wires passing through it, providing the means to select and detect the contents of each bit"
round shape - a shape that is curved and without sharp angles
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The current units are widely adjustable to support [+ or -]20-mA or 0- to 20-mA DC inputs and 0- to 20-A AC signals with a toroid sensor.
In a toroidal solenoid, any magnetic flux is confined within the toroid. This feature is consistent with the idea that the mass of a particle matches the electromagnetic energy contained therein.
DNA condensation by protamine and arginine-rich peptides and analysis of toroid stability using single DNA molecules.
To ensure each TX with the predetermined amplitude and phase of feeding voltage, a lumped transformer with a Mn-Zn-type toroid ferrite core is used to deliver the power of one channel coming from the source into several channels feeding to multiple TXs.
Caption: Figure 4: Magneto-optical hysteresis loops (a) and domain patterns (b) of the coiled BL-FC ribbon (toroid, 13 mm in diameter).
However, it is important to note that after a long period of incubation these amines induce rod and toroid structured polymers of DNA whereas prion protein induces ordered globular aggregates of DNA molecules [42, 47].
The coefficients [A.sub.z] and [A.sub.y] consider the inhomogeneity of the distribution of the fluid density in the toroid channel and related linear acceleration sensor sensitivity.
For the authors, that structure resembled a toroid and appeared to be involved in the lipid droplet (LD) assembly organization [49].
In the ISN Super-MSS[TM] Sendust (MS) choke structure, an alloy-powder material of the toroid core RTMSS material was used.