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 (tô-rĕn′shəl, tə-)
1. Resembling, flowing in, or forming torrents: torrential mountain streams; a torrential downpour.
2. Resulting from the action of fast-flowing streams: torrential erosion.
3. Flowing or surging abundantly; wild: torrential applause.

tor·ren′tial·ly adv.


(tɒˈrɛnʃəl; tə-) or


1. of or relating to a torrent
2. pouring or flowing fast, violently, or heavily: torrential rain.
3. abundant, overwhelming, or irrepressible: torrential abuse.
torˈrentially adv


(tɔˈrɛn ʃəl, toʊ-, tə-)

1. pertaining to or having the nature of a torrent.
2. resembling a torrent in rapidity or violence.
3. falling in torrents: torrential rains.
4. produced by the action of a torrent.
5. violent or impassioned.
tor•ren′tial•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.torrential - relating to or resulting from the action of a torrenttorrential - relating to or resulting from the action of a torrent; "torrential erosion"; "torrential adaptations seen in some aquatic forms"
2.torrential - resembling a torrent in force and abundancetorrential - resembling a torrent in force and abundance; "torrential applause"; "torrential abuse"; "the torrential facility and fecundity characteristic of his style"- Winthrop Sargeant
uncontrolled - not being under control; out of control; "the greatest uncontrolled health problem is AIDS"; "uncontrolled growth"
3.torrential - pouring in abundancetorrential - pouring in abundance; "torrential rains"
abundant - present in great quantity; "an abundant supply of water"


adjective heavy, relentless, severe, teeming, copious Torrential rain left thousands stranded last night.
غَزير، كالسَّيْل
straumharîur, fossandi, helli-
sel gibişiddetli


[tɒˈrenʃəl] ADJtorrencial


[təˈrɛnʃəl] adj [rain] → torrentiel(le)


adj rainsintflutartig


[tɒˈrɛnʃl] adjtorrenziale


(ˈtorənt) noun
a rushing stream. The rain fell in torrents; She attacked him with a torrent of abuse.
torrential (təˈrenʃəl) adjective
of, or like, a torrent. torrential rain; The rain was torrential.
References in classic literature ?
He hated it because he connected it with the chill and discomfort of the torrential rains, and he feared it for the thunder and lightning and wind which accompanied them.
And over all that torrential confusion of men and purposes fluttered that strange flag, the stars and stripes, that meant at once the noblest thing in life, and the least noble, that is to say, Liberty on the one hand, and on the other the base jealousy the individual self-seeker feels towards the common purpose of the State.
Rising, the ape-man placed a foot upon the body of his vanquished foe, raised his face toward the thundering heavens, and as the lightning flashed and the torrential rain broke upon him, screamed forth the wild victory cry of the bull ape.
As darkness settled a heavy rain set in, and there was nothing for the baffled ape-man to do but wait in the partial shelter of a huge tree until morning; but the coming of dawn brought no cessation of the torrential downpour.
Into this torrential sewer had unthinkable generations of ulsios pushed their few handsful of dirt in the excavating of their vast labyrinth.
The wind howled about her, the torrential rain beat loudly upon her, but except for a slight rocking the ship lay quiet.
He was no man of action; he was not even an orator of torrential eloquence, sweeping the masses along in the rushing noise and foam of a great enthusiasm.
NEW DELHI, Nov 13 (KUNA) -- Death toll due to the ongoing floods in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu has touched 55 as the torrential monsoon rains are continuing.
Tenders are invited for Construction works for 3 torrential dams and river flow regulation in Ljubovija, Negotin and Trstenik, municipalities.
ABBOTTABAD -- Continuous monsoon torrential rains in Hazara division had triggered flood destroying dozens of houses and house-hold items.
PESHAWAR -- An active westerly wave is likely to approach western parts of the country and likely to persist in upper and central parts of the country during the next 48 hours and expected torrential rain in different parts of the province.
THERE is still a real danger of flooding behind the Tees Barrage because of climate change and torrential rain.