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 (tôr-säd′, -sād′)
1. A decorative trimming of twisted ribbon or cord, used especially on hats.
2. An item of jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet, consisting of multiple, often beaded strands twisted loosely together in a ropelike form.

[French, from tors, from Vulgar Latin *torsus, alteration of Latin tortus, past participle of torquēre, to twist; see terkw- in Indo-European roots.]


(Clothing & Fashion) an ornamental twist or twisted cord, as on hats
[C19: from French, from obsolete tors twisted, from Late Latin torsus, from Latin torquēre to twist]


(tɔrˈsɑd, -ˈseɪd)

a twisted cord used for ornament, often as a trim on a hat.
[1880–85; < French: twisted fringe =tors twisted (< Late Latin torsus, for Latin tortus, past participle of torquēre to twist) + -ade -ade1]
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Torsade de pointes, acquired complete heart block and inappropriately long QT in childhood.
* Combining several drugs, each of which may prolong the QTc inter-val, resulting in syncope or torsade de pointes.
CUTLINE: (1) Marina, left, wears painted floral crop jeans, $79, with a vintage embellished cami, $24, Tencel curved hem jacket, $79, and Heishi torsade necklace, $39.
8 km de cbles divers (alimentation, coaxial, paire torsade, fibre optique, cblette de cuivre),
The longer a QT interval, typically measured by an electrocardiogram, the more at risk a person is to develop serious heart rhythm problems and a condition called torsade de pointes, which can result in sudden death.
The bas-reliefs of the church steeple at Dragomirna, the torsade belts, the gothic room of the refectory and the high fortification walls (Badarau, Caprosu 2007, 177, 180, note 108) (4) are some of the similitudes and common points of a project that Varlaam and Vasile developed and finished together in their foundation.
Las interacciones farmacologicas de medicamentos con carga anticolinergica moderada y alta, inducen a un mayor riesgo de cardiotoxicidad, debido a la prolongacion del QTc (intervalo Qt corregido), lo que podria llevar a torsade de pointes (TdP), especialmente por antidepresivos triciclicos y antipsicoticos atipicos en combinacion con otros medicamentos con carga anticolinergica, como los antiparkinsonianos (Amantadina), antibioticos y antihistaminicos (34, 35).
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While sotalol administration increases iCEB and causes torsade de Pointes (TdP), flecainide usage decreases iCEB and causes non-TdP ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation (10).
It is noted that much higher than recommended doses of loperamide, either intentionally or unintentionally, can result in serious cardiac adverse events, including QT interval prolongation, torsade de pointes or other ventricular arrhythmias, syncope, and cardiac arrest.
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