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A sandwich of Mexican origin, usually served in a roll or bun and sometimes grilled on a press.

[Mexican Spanish, from Spanish, round flat loaf of bread, cake, from Late Latin tōrta, a kind of bread; see tortilla.]
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(ˈtɔːtə; tɒrtæ)
a flat circular pile of silver ore
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Neste experimento, ainda observou-se que os animais rejeitavam a racao a partir de 50% de inclusao de torta de coco e selecionavam o alimento, preferindo consumir a silagem e evitando o consumo de concentrado, demonstrando haver algum efeito reduzindo a palatabilidade ou a aceitacao da torta de coco pelos animais.
Acalypha torta of the family Euphorbiaceae is an erect shrub which grows not more than 5 feet.
Torta is an instructor of graphic design at Boston University and Minuty is an experienced film maker and storyboard artist.
Los sustratos utilizados en este tipo de fermentacion son muy variados, destacandose los cereales tales como trigo, centeno, arroz y maiz (De Ory et al, 2007; Harland y Harland, 1980), y subproductos agroindustriales como la torta de canola (Duvnjak et al, 1995).
$3.50 At the Pajaro Food Center, the made-to-order torta is a bun loaded with grilled steak, sour cream, tomato, grilled onions, and a choice of jalapefio, salsa, or avocado.
Menu includes Rocaccia alla Barese; Torta di Zucchine e Ricotta; Torta Sorrentina; Torta Caprese; Biscotti Regina; and Amaretti ai Pignoli.
Sheikh's call came during his meeting with former deputy Hassan Yaacoub and head of "Dialogue" Istitution, Jose Torta, with an accompanying delegation, who explored with Sheikh the Imam Sadr's case.