tortoise shell

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also tor·toise shell  (tôr′tĭs-shĕl′)
a. The mottled, horny, translucent, brownish covering of the carapace of certain tortoises or turtles, especially the hawksbill, formerly widely used to make combs, jewelry, and other articles.
b. A synthetic imitation of natural tortoiseshell.
2. See hawksbill.
3. A domestic cat having a coat with irregular patches of different colors, usually black and reddish-orange.
4. Any of several butterflies, chiefly of the genus Nymphalis, having wings with orange, black, and brown markings.

tor′toise-shell′ adj.
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Beautiful combs, pure tortoise shell, with jewelled rims--just the shade to wear in the beautiful vanished hair.
Sometimes a chattering group would be seated upon the edge of a low rock in the midst of the brook, busily engaged in thinning and polishing the shells of cocoanuts, by rubbing them briskly with a small stone in the water, an operation which soon converts them into a light and elegant drinking vessel, somewhat resembling goblets made of tortoise shell.
He had placed two smaller tables, decorated with carved wooden garlands, between the windows on opposite sides of the room, and had put a clock, in a case of tortoise shell, inlaid with copper, upon the mantel-shelf.
Ava, cat number 562, is approximately 2-4 years old and she is a gorgeous tortoise shell girl
"Among the items were several gents watches; an oval silver jewellery box with a tortoise shell lid containing cameo broaches; a wallet and various WW1 boxes were stolen, and we are keen to hear from anyone who may have been offered such items over the past few weeks."
Hyatt discovered a plastic, that he called celluloid, which could be molded into a variety of shapes and made to imitate natural substances like tortoise shell, horn, linen, and ivory.
Willow, who is around one year old, has a real sweet nature; she comes running over to you straight away for fuss and enjoys to sit on your lap, but be warned she has that typical tortoise shell attitude to let you know when she has had enough.
As many Chinese people believe that tortoise shell is an excellent Chinese medicine material, yellow-margined box turtles have become a target for hunting, the agency said, adding that even though the turtles have been listed as an endangered species, it is not enough to deter people from hunting the reptile, the agency added.
I'll never give up." Buzz is white with tortoise shell markings.
The declaration, also signed by institutions such as ACI, AFRAA, AASA and London Heathrow Airport, is aiming to stop the illegal wildlife trade of tusk, rhino horn, tortoise shell, etc.
Inspired by the 1980s, bold octagonal lenses are highlighted by a sleek, gold metallic wire and finished with a tortoise shell detail.