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Any of numerous small moths of the family Tortricidae, many of which have larvae that are important pests of agricultural, ornamental, and forest plants, and including various leaf rollers.

[From New Latin Tortrīcidae, family name, from Tortrīx, Tortrīc-, type genus; see tortrix.]

tor′tri·cid adj.
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(Animals) any small moth of the chiefly temperate family Tortricidae, the larvae of which live concealed in leaves, which they roll or tie together, and are pests of fruit and forest trees: includes the codling moth
(Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the family Tortricidae
[C19: from New Latin Tortrīcidae, from tortrix, feminine of tortor, literally: twister, referring to the leaf-rolling of the larvae, from torquēre to twist]
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(ˈtɔr trə sɪd)

any of numerous small moths of the family Tortricidae, that have broad, squarish, slightly fringed wings. Also called tor′trix (-trɪks)
[< New Latin Tortricidae (1829) <Tortric-, s. of Tortrix a genus (Latin tor(quēre) to twist, wind, wrap]
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Noun1.tortricid - any of numerous small moths having lightly fringed wingstortricid - any of numerous small moths having lightly fringed wings; larvae are leaf rollers or live in fruits and galls
moth - typically crepuscular or nocturnal insect having a stout body and feathery or hairlike antennae
family Tortricidae, Tortricidae - leaf rollers and codling moths
leaf roller, leaf-roller - moth whose larvae form nests by rolling and tying leaves with spun silk
Homona coffearia, tea tortrix, tortrix - small Indian moth infesting e.g. tea and coffee plants
Argyrotaenia citrana, orange tortrix, tortrix - California moth whose larvae live in especially oranges
Carpocapsa pomonella, codlin moth, codling moth - a small grey moth whose larvae live in apples and English walnuts
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Like all Tortricid moths, when LBAM are at rest the wings are folded so that only the front pair of wings--the forewings--are visible and are in the shape of a bell.
Kearfott (1907) named two species of tortricid moths after Norman, and commented, with respect to one species for which Norman had provided all sixteen then-known specimens, collected over a three week period, "I take great pleasure in giving Mr.
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Many insects, such as some tortricid moths, whose larvae develop by feeding on seeds inside developing fruit, devour some of the seeds, but only partially damage others (Koptur and Lawton, 1988).
Several recent studies have identified that the combination of acetic acid with either phenylacetonitrile or 2-phenylethanol produced effective bisexual lures for a number of tortricid pests, including Pandemis heparana (Denis and Schiffermuller) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in Sweden, P.