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n. pl. tor·tu·os·i·ties
1. The quality or condition of being tortuous; twistedness or crookedness.
2. A bent or twisted part, passage, or thing.


n, pl -ties
1. the state or quality of being tortuous
2. a twist, turn, or coil


(ˌtɔr tʃuˈɒs ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. the state of being tortuous; twisted form or course; crookedness.
2. a twist, bend, or crook.
[1595–1605; < Late Latin tortuōsitās. See tortuous, -ity]
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Noun1.tortuosity - a tortuous and twisted shape or positiontortuosity - a tortuous and twisted shape or position; "they built a tree house in the tortuosities of its boughs"; "the acrobat performed incredible contortions"
distorted shape, distortion - a shape resulting from distortion
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Table 1 Comparison of haemodynamic characteristics in myopia and glaucoma Haemodynamic Myopia Glaucoma characteristics Blood flow BFV (OA) [down arrow] BFV (OA) [down arrow] Vessel calibre CRAE and CRVE [down arrow] CRAE [down arrow] Tortuosity [down arrow] No information Oxygen AV-SO2 [down arrow] AV-SO2 [down arrow] saturation Arterial SO2 [down arrow] Venous SO2 [up arrow] Vessel Not impaired Impaired ([down arrow]) reactivity
3],[ As the most densely innervated tissue in the body, the corneal nerve fibers are highly affected by hyperglycemia, such as decreased nerve fiber density, reduced length, and increased tortuosity.
Recently, we tested how effectively a particular device could reach the brain, depending on tortuosity of the anatomy," said Dr.
Any alteration in VA in its origin, course, diameter, duplication, fenestration, tortuosity, elongation, kinking, aneurysmal formation, and associated heredity connective tissue disorder may alter the hemodynamics of brain which can leads to serious complication.
Children have lax skin and joints, bladder diverticula, inguinal hernia, vascular tortuosity, and normal or slightly below average intelligence.
The observed tortuosity was due to a growing difference between the arterial length and the distance from its origin and the splenic hilum (1).
The most common is SCAD but also include distal tapering or smooth narrowing, unusual tortuosity, and spasm.
On the design level, the active material coating thickness, porosity, and tortuosity play important role since they will affect the diffusion of lithium ions in electrode and influence the shape of the negative over potential.
The procedure could not be completed in 28 patients mainly because of tortuosity or calcification of the subclavian artery in 19 patients (14 in right radial approach and five in left radial approach group, p=0.
anomalous branching of radial artery, tortuosity, radio-ulnar loop and radial artery hypoplasia can also be identified using ultrasonography.
Plus disease is dilatation of veins and tortuosity involving at least two quadrants associated with preretinal haemorrhage and vitreous haemorrhage, failure of pupillary dilatation, iris engorgement and vitreous haze.
The following data were recorded for all patients: ROP stage before treatment; anterior segment findings such as tunica vasculosa lentis and iris vascular dilation and tortuosity, detected by a portable, handheld biomicroscope (XL-1, Shin-Nippon, Japan); timing of laser treatment and laser settings used; treatment response and retina examination findings at 1 year.