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1. Of, relating to, or causing torture.
2. Twisted; strained. See Usage Note at tortuous.

tor′tur·ous·ly adv.
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Adv.1.torturously - in a very painful mannertorturously - in a very painful manner; "the progress was agonizingly slow"
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Though on the other hand it can be said with equal truth that four to five generations deep into Israel's land theft the siege moves in a torturously slow manner.
ETERNAL suffering is threatened in this desperate Stephen King adaptation, and by the end of this torturously stupid supernatural horror I felt I'd been tormented more than enough.
A 2016 study by UNICEF, entitled "Neither Safe nor Sound," highlights the plight of child refugees living in France, across the English Channel, while they torturously await an opportunity to acquire asylum in the United Kingdom.
One of the many downsides of Hollywood's franchise mentality is that movie titles have become such long, torturously bisected affairs; you could be a gastroenterologist and not see this many colons.
quite self-consciously anti-lyrical, and proceeds through torturously
We acknowledge that the Ramazan season has been torturously hot, resulting in low commercial activity for merchants.
In Quezon City, this is the prologue, just as agonizingly, torturously long, with a few variations in subject matter.
Physically, it made [her] alternately numb and torturously sensitive.
We were told that frat members helped each other, especially in the research and photocopying of cases assigned torturously on a daily basis.
The embattled frontman is going on almost 30 years (and eight albums) with New Orlans' finest sonic export pf heavy, downtuned, bluesy, Sabbath-styled riffs coupled with syrupy, thick basslines, battering ram percussion and torturously downtroodden vocals that is Eyehategod.
Attacking Plessy would be disastrous for black Americans, erasing decades of torturously achieved legal progress.
The most torturously thought-up section of the book undoubtedly, though, is the part where Millman asserts that class was not a factor in wartime tensions.